Melissa was born and raised in Florida. She attended the University of Michigan where she earned a Master's degree in Architecture. While she never went into architecture on a professional level, she remained in Ann Arbor for the next 11 years, where her formative metamorphosis into an acrylic painter began.

It was while living in Ann Arbor that Melissa began her career participating in outdoor, juried, fine art festivals. Her travels took her around the entire country, during which she relocated to Seattle, Washington. She continued to do shows while living on the West coast, living a very adventurous life. And then she got tired. Very very tired. The traveling became all-consuming. There wasn't any time to enjoy everything that the west coast had to offer. The most logical option was to move back to the Mid-West. So that's what she did.

Hannibal, Missouri. Centralized. Low cost of living. Unbelievable historical architecture.

Jumping to the present, Melissa is now the sole owner of a church built in 1890. It not only houses her art studio, but also a new business venture - an events venue called the Great Room. She feels very fortunate that her combined passions for art and architecture have finally found a home.

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